SC-1 Silver Brush Face

All new to our 2015 line, the SC-1. Our sleek new split 5 spoke monoblock design featured in 5 different finishes. Our standard color will be brush silver and slate grey. Our custom colors will be candy apple red, brush gold and our new signature brushed titanium finish.

Tailor Made Program-

Wheels can be changed to any custom color through our Tailor Made Program. Click on colors below for examples.

Candy Apple Red

Brush Velvet Blue

Gloss Black

Brush Bronze

Brush Velvet Red

Matte Black Clear Brushed Bronze

Brush Gold

18x8                5x100                                      +30

                         5x114.3                                  +35

                         5x120                                     +35

18x9                5x100                                      +30

                         5x114.3                                   +40

                         5x120                                      +38

19x8.5             5x112                                      +45/+35

                         5x114.3                                  +35

                         5x120                                     +35

19x9.5             5x112                                      +48/+35

                         5x114.3                                   +38

                         5x120                                      +38

20x8.5            5X112                                      +35

                        5X114.3                                   +35

20x9               5x112                                       +30

                        5X114.3                                   +32/+20

                        5X120                                      +35/+20

20x10            5X112                                      +42

                        5X114.3                                  +35

20x10.5         5x112                                       +30

                        5X114.3                                  +45

                        5X120                                     +45/+27


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