SF03 Brush Face Silver

Patent Pending

New to our rotary flow line up is the SF03 wheel. Using the rotary flow forge method allows us to build the SF03 stronger and lighter then cast wheels, weighting in at only 22-24 pounds per wheel.

The SF03 is a split 5 spoke U-design that allows the wheel to give your brakes more air and helps show off your big brake system. Wheels will be available in our standard Brush Face Silver color, Gloss Black Tinted Machince and and our signature Brush Titanium.

18x8.5             5x112                                       +45

                        5X114.3                                   +35

                        5X120                                      +35

5x112                                       +45

                        5X114.3                                  +38

                        5X120                                     +40


19x8.5             5x112                                       +45

                        5X114.3                                   +35

                        5X120                                      +35

5x112                                       +45

                        5X114.3                                  +38

                        5X120                                    +35

20x9               5x112                                      +30

                        5X114.3                                  +32/+20

                        5X120                                     +35/+20

20x10.5          5x112                                      +30

                        5X114.3                                  +45/+27

                        5X120                                     +45/+27

21x9              Custom Bolt Pattern              Custom Offset

21x10.5         Custom Bolt Pattern              Custom Offset

22x9               Custom Bolt Pattern              Custom Offset   

22x10.5          Custom Bolt Pattern              Custom Offset   


Corvette Fitment- C6 Z06/ C7 Z06/ Z07 Now in stock

19x10                5x120.56              +30

20x12                5x120.56              +46


Tailor Made Program-

Wheels can be changed to any custom color and offset through our Tailor Made Program. 


18x8.5          BLANK                +15-45

18x9.5          BLANK                +15-45

19x8.5          BLANK                +15-45

19x9.5          BLANK                +15-45

19x10.5          BLANK                +15-45

19x11          BLANK                +15-45

20x9              BLANK              +15-45

20x10.5         BLANK              +15-45

21x9             BLANK              +15-45

21x10.5         BLANK          +15-45

22x9             BLANK              +15-45

22x10.5          BLANK          +15-45


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