Under our tailor made program, you can custom paint any of ours wheels. In this case here, we have a Ferrari California rocking the SC-1 in a custom gloss black finish. Simple finish that brings out the aggressive look on the Ferrari.

C300 on SF01 Light Brush Bronze

Brand new C300 on Stance SF01 in Light Brush Bronze. The SF01 is fully brushed and then custom paint a light brush bronze. The C300 is running a 20x8.5 front and 20x10 rear.

We have limited supplies of the SF01 in light bursh bronze in stock. Contact us for availability.


2015 Bimmerfest Video Coverage

It was another great year doing Bimmerfest this year but this time the venue changed to the Fontana Speedway. It made for even more great turn out due to the race track being open up to the car enthusiast. If you happen to not make it out this year, don’t worry you are in luck. Check out our video coverage of Bimmerfest 2015.


Audi R8 on SF01

With the release of our SF01 Rotary Forged Wheels, it was only a matter of time before we put them on a Audi R8. With the SF01 being the lightest and strongest wheel we have avaliable, it pairs perfectly with this beast of a car. Running a 20x9 and 20x10.5 set up with our Signautre Brush Titanium finish, we must say, this R8 is one sexy automobile.

CLS on Stance SC-1 Silver Brush

We the release of the brand new SC-1 style wheel, we had the chance to pair it with the Mercedes CLS 550. We did 20x9 front and 20x10.5 rear, in the silver brush face finish. The silver finish adds a clean and luxury look to the already classy CLS.


Accord on 20x10 SC-6

With the Accord being so popular, there is no surprise we set up another one with our wheels. This time it is the SC-6 in the Silver Machine finish. The car was pair with a 255-30-20 tire to get it the stretched look to fit this set up. The accord is running a 20x10 all the way around and paired with coil overs, the accord pulls looks flawless.


Targe Trophy Holiday Drive

We attend the Targa Trophy  Holiday Drive for the first time this year and was it a great decision to make. Not only do you get to help donate to the salvation army and give back but you get to see some cool cars too. The cruise started at Ferrari of Newport Beach in Costa Mesa and ended at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. Along the way you have check points to do tasks and also collect more can food on the way. We got to see a bunch of high end exotics to the most extreme imports. All along the way you are having fun and raising for a good cause. 



SEMA 2014 Video

If you happen to attend the 2014 SEMA show and stop by our booth, we would like to just say thank you. If you have happen to miss this year or didnt have a chance to stop by, we have a little recap just for you.


STANCE CUSTOM PROGRAM (SCP) You can now get custom color done by us. The new SCP lets you customize your SC-8 or SC-6 wheels in this unique finish to give it a very high end luxury sport look. Custom paint time is approximately 3 weeks. We currently offer 2 stages, stage 1 is simple colors and stage 2 is more complex finishes. For example, stage 1 would be custom gloss black wheels, matte black wheels, or 1 color finishes. Stage 2 would more brush finishes, candy color finishes, or two tone finishes. If you have more questions, please contact us or anyone of our dealers.

Stage 2 colors:

Velet Red

Brush Bronze with Gloss Finish

Matte Black with Gloss Brush Bronze Face

CLS 63 AMG on Stance SC-6

We set up this CLS AMG 63 with a set of Stance SC-6. The wheel set up is 20x9 in the front and 20x10.5 in the back. The SC-6 clears the AMG brake calipers with ease. The CLS was set up with our silver machine finish that compliments the car perfectly.


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