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2015 Bimmerfest Video Coverage

It was another great year doing Bimmerfest this year but this time the venue changed to the Fontana Speedway. It made for even more great turn out due to the race track being open up to the car enthusiast. If you happen to not make it out this year, don’t worry you are in luck. Check out our video coverage of Bimmerfest 2015.


Audi R8 on SF01

With the release of our SF01 Rotary Forged Wheels, it was only a matter of time before we put them on a Audi R8. With the SF01 being the lightest and strongest wheel we have avaliable, it pairs perfectly with this beast of a car. Running a 20x9 and 20x10.5 set up with our Signautre Brush Titanium finish, we must say, this R8 is one sexy automobile.

Rotary flow

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SF01 Gloss Black
SF01 Brush Face Silver
SF01 Brush Titanium

Stance Wheels

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SC-6ix Slate Grey Machine
SC-9 Brush Titanium
SC-8 Silver Machine

RF Series - Tailor Made

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SF01 14K Gold
SF01 Ruby Red
SF01 Brush Bronze with Matte Black Center

SC Series - Tailor Made

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SC-1 Electron Blue with Brush Face
SC-8 Brush Velvet Blue
SC-8 Gloss Brush Bronze


FRS on Stance SC-5
Lexus GS F sport on 20x10 SC-6 Slate Grey Machine
Stance SC-5ive Matte Silver on BMW F30
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